Where are They Now Wednesday's: David Sills

Year after year, the world of youth football becomes more and more competitive as players try thier best to become prospective athletes for the top High School football teams. But what if you were so good that were able to skip being recruited for high school and just received a college scholarship offer at the age of 13? Most people would say its impossible, but for David Sills, it was a reality. David Sills, the quarterback prodigy out of Delaware, throughout his youth, Sills was named the top quarterback in the country for his age and had the talent to prove it. Playing on what was essentially an all-star youth football team, Sills would travel across the country to play football against the some of the nations top youth programs. Time and time again, Sills and his super team would remain victorious. In the fall of 2009 Sills and his team traveled to Southern California to play against the Chaminade (Chatsworth) Middle School Football team. His team would win 49-6, and as a result of his high level of play across the country and at the time his most recent victory in SoCal, Sills was offered an official college scholarship to play football at the University of Southern California. The offer was made by Lane Kiffin in the Spring of 2010. Not even in high school and Sills was the envy of football players around the country. Now, David Sills is currently a quarterback at El Camino College (Torrance, CA) after de-committing from USC in 2014 and a playing wide receiver at West Virginia in 2015. The former child prodigy is climbing his way back to the top, only time will tell if he will once again appear in the spotlight