Youth Star Bound for Greatness?

It's not very often that the term "greatest in the nation" is tossed around. But for 8th grade football star Amari Daniels, the phrase is not too uncommon. The Running Back from Fort Lauderdale, Florida has received nation wide media attention for his high level of play. It is no surprise that in our new era of social media exposure and advancement in recruiting that there would be so much attention drawn to a football player who hasn't even played a year of high school football. Already making a name for himself, Daniels won the MVP of the Florida/Georgia Future Stars Game in 2015, thus solidifying the importance and intensity of his play. After watching his highlights, there is no question that this Chris Johnson style running back is bound for greatness. With so much time left to grow only time can tell what this class of 2021 running back will have in store in his football career.

Video Courtesy of our Partners at Under the Radar.