Where are They Now Wednesday's: John Krahn

Growing up and playing sports, there was always that one player on that one team whose size stood out to everyone watching. Whether it was the 6 foot tall either grader playing wide receiver, or that one kid who was so tall, he could dunk before he was old enough to drive. Well, today's "Where are They Now Wednesday" feature will surely put all other sports giants to shame. His name is John Krahn, and at one point he was named the largest football player ever. The term largest ever is not just covering high school and youth football, but college and professional football as well. Throughout his time as a high school football player at Martin Luther King Jr. High (Riverside, CA) John stood at 7 feet tall and weighed 440 pounds, being larger than any recorded football player to date. The Paul Bunyan of football John Krahn, finished his senior year of high school in the spring of 2016 and is currently at Georgia Prep Sports Academy in hopes of being recruited by a top tier division one program. He is currently down to 400 pounds and hopes to get down to around 350 in order to be an effective collegiate defensive lineman. Needless to say, there is no doubt that Mr. Krahn has a big future ahead of him.